Research topics

Research is oriented towards synthesis of tailor-made polymers with defined chain length, molar mass distribution, branching of chain, end-groups, polymer topology and polymer stereoregularity using the methods of living/controlled polymerizations.

Catalyst development and synthesis of novel polyolefin based materials is investigated.

Living/Controlled catalytic polymerizations of olefins

Preparation of tailor-made polyolefins by chain-walking   polymerizations of olefins to control molar mass and its distribution, branching degree, stereoregularity and polymer topology.

Preparation of block copolymers, morphology control. Kinetic and mechanistic investigation of polymerization.

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Catalytic synthesis of polyester by copolymerization of epoxides with CO2 and anhydrides

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Polymerizations of cyclic monomers

ROP of cyclic amides, esters and ethers for engineering plastics and biodegradable materials.

Collaboration with:

Aleš Růžička, Libor Dostál and Roman Jambor, University of Pardubice

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Catalytic synthesis of special and engineering polymers

Preparation of engineering plastics like syndiotactic polystyrene or cyclic olefin copolymers (COCs).
Synthesis of poylsilanes for use in optoelectronic applications and nanolitography  by metallocenes catalyzed dehydrocoupling of silanes as an alternative to traditional but hazardous Wurtz coupling. Collaboration with:Dr.Milan Erben,  University of Pardubice and Dr. Jiří Pinkas, Czech Academy of Science
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