Jan Merna CV


Born: May 30, 1978 in Kaplice

Marital Status: married, three children


PhD., in Macromolecular Chemistry, Technical University Brno, Czech Republic, 2005, Olefins polymerization catalyzed by transition metal complexes (with prof. J. Cihlář)

MSc. in Technology of polymer manufacture and processing, Institute of Chemical Technology, Prague, 2001, Anionic polymerization of epsilon-caprolactam activated by esters (with Dr. J. Brožek)


University of Chemical Technology, Prague, Associate Professor, 2017-
University of Chemical Technology, Prague, Assistant Professor, 2006-2016
Technical University Brno, Research fellow, 2005

Manufacture of Polymers  (M.Sc.)
Macromolecular chemistry
Selected Chapters from Chemistry and Technology of Polymers I+II(1/3) (M.Sc.)
Laboratories of Polymer specialization I, III (B.Sc., M.Sc.)
Bachelor, Diploma and PhD Thesis supervisor

Grant projects in last 5 years

2018-2020 Modification of branched polyolefins by polar functionalities (GACR 18-22059S), principal investigator
2015-2017 Branching design in polyolefins by catalyst variation, Theory meets experiment. (GACR 15-15887J), principal investigator
TA CR TA03011394 Preparation of model block copolymers and their effect on morphology and properties of HI PP, member of co-investigator team, 2013-2016, 16 k€

Collaboration with industry

Synthos (PL)

Foreign experiences

Greece (2010)- 2 weeks
University of Athenes, Department of Chemistry (prof. N. Hadjichristidis)

France (2008)- 1 month
LCPO, ENSCPB, CNRS University Bordeaux I, (research stay with Prof. H. Cramail)

France (2003-2004)-11 months
LCPO, ENSCPB, CNRS University Bordeaux I, (with Prof. H. Cramail and A. Deffieux)

Professional Associations/Society Memberships/Committees

Subcommittee on Polymer Terminology, Polymer Division IUPAC, since 2017
Subcommittee on Polymer Education, Polymer Division IUPAC, since 2019
Czech National Committee for Chemistry (IUPAC NAO), Member since 2011
ACS, Polymer Division, 2010
Czech Chemical Society, Member since 1996

Research Interests
Synthesis of model polyolefins based on controlled polymerizations techniques
Development of new catalytic systems including their heterogenization
Kinetics and mechanism of polymerization
Synthesis of high performance polyolefins